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It is a proud moment in the annuals of Quality Circle movement in India when a magnificent building of QC comes up for the first time in the world. The bhomi pujan for this building was done by Mr. Ajit Pawar , Chief Engineer, MIDC  and Mrs. Lila F. Poonawala, Chairperson Emeritus of Quality Circle Forum of India, Pune Chapter  on 23rd Nov ’95.

This building   named as QUALITY CIRCLE EXCELLENCE CENTRE (QCEC).QUALITY CIRCLE EXCELLENCE CENTRE is no doubt a Temple on a new religion called QUALITY.

 As its name suggests which has Excellence providing facilities to train people in leadership, teamwork and brotherhood .It is the TOTAL QUALITY of PEOPLE. It uplifts our SELF Quality.

QCEC is a unique Educational institution where languages and educational qualifications, experience, age and sex, caste and religion are no limitation.

The Quality Circle Excellence Center at MIDC Bhosari, Pune  is built to nurture and spread Quality Circles & allied activities related to Quality & Productivity. It is a premier Institution to cater to the needs of people for continual Quality Improvement in all walks of Life.

The Center is equipped with State-of-the-Art training facilities, Large Auditorium with a seating Capacity of 750 persons, 4 Training halls with seating capacity of 35 to 250 persons, with ample parking space, a reference Library of books on Quality Circles & other Quality Improvement Concepts & high-class catering facilities. It is available for Conventions, Functions, Exhibitions, Board Meetings, Concerts & Get-togethers, etc.

It is built with donations collected from the workers of various organizations who believe in Quality movement.

In addition to serving large and medium organisations, this centre also focus essentially on the most important segment of the industrial belt viz. Small Scale Industries. In this respect, this Excellence Centre reaches the grassroots Industries. From organizing Mini Conventions & Annual Conventions, QCFI is also conducting various trainings program, activities,   & events, in all types of industries to propagate the concept of Quality.

QUALITY CIRCLE EXCELLENCE CENTRE provides a great avenue or continuous exchange of ideas. I Invite you all to come and have a look at this Centre which is not just a concrete building but a real effigy on “Quality”.

                                                                                                                                                                       Firoz  Poonawalla

Director - Quality Circle Excellence Centre,

Bhosari, Pune





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